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Electrical Components

Electrical components, our largest market is primarily thermosets. We manufacture phenolic and polyester compression and transfer molded parts for contactors, motor starters and relays. Key customer requirements are arc resistance, insulation, heat resistance, and dimensional stability.


Electronic Components

Electronic components, our second largest market, includes thermosets and thermoplastics. FVM makes both insert and non-insert moldings for switches, connectors and relay components. These are small, precision parts with very close tolerances.


Consumer Line

The Consumer Line includes medium-sized thermoplastic products, usually made in high volume. These parts are used for confections, pet products and appliances.


Communications Line

Communications products include thermoset and thermoplastic parts used in telephone and electrical transmission. Materials must meet specific UL flame retardant ratings and withstand exposure to the elements. UV stabilizers and good dimensional stability are required.


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